Saturday, July 19, 2008


And her hideous haircut, I really do! When she first chopped her hair I kinda like it, but today more than a year after and seeing that one in 5 women is wearing the "same" haircut is really annoying.
First of all, she's a skinny bitch, and not all the women with that haircut are skinny bitches, maybe bitches but not skinny at all!!! The bone structure is really important to look good with certain haircut, I've seen fat girls looking ridiculous wearing "the Victoria".
Second, if they wanted to look like a cheap whore, they didn't need the haircut! their goal was already acchieved.
I'm sure that Victoria's haircut costs like thousands of dollars, and it's obvious the difference between her's and a 10 dlls haircut (the one's that all the women wearing it can afford)

Please dear Lord, stop this fucking trend!!!!

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